European Infrastructure for
Rydberg Quantum Computing

EuRyQa Kick-Off Meeting in Strasbourg

On 16 November 2022, the EuRyQa consortium met for the first time for a kick-off meeting at the European Center for Quantum Sciences (CESQ) in Strasbourg. The meeting took place as a hybrid event, with each of the eleven project partners having at least one representative there in person.

After a get-together dinner the evening before, the one-day meeting programme was geared towards an active and informative project start. Following introductory words by the coordinator Prof. Guido Pupillo from the University of Strasbourg, each project partner had the opportunity to present their institution and the current status of their work for EuRyQa. The largest part of the meeting was taken up by the presentation of the project work pack-ages by the respective responsible leaders. The core of the project aiming at the develop-ment of a European platform for Rydberg-based quantum computing (work packages 1 - 4) was presented, as well as the supporting work in project and innovation management (work packages 5 and 6). A summary and subsequent open discussion rounded off the meeting.

Enriched by deep information and positive exchange, the project partners left Strasbourg in the evening – motivated for the collaboration in the next three years and looking forward to the achieved project progress at the next consortium meeting.