European Infrastructure for
Rydberg Quantum Computing

Vision & Mission

The EuRyQa consortium brings together partners from academia and the private sector who are at the forefront of Rydberg technology with key industrial partners. The team aims to establish Rydberg quantum processors as a leading platform for scalable quantum computing in Europe.

This will be achieved by integrating full-stack quantum computing systems with 100 - 1,000 qubits (the computational unit of a quantum computer) with scalability towards even larger systems. For this purpose the consortium makes use of the properties of Rydberg atoms, which have already provided proof-of-principle demonstrations of all the requirements for general purpose digital quantum computing. They are today the only platform that has demonstrated more than 200 qubits with strong interactions and with a clear path to further scalability.

EuRyQa will develop and bring together cutting edge technology for realizing deep quantum circuits from four complementary European Rydberg platforms. Thus, the project will provide a unique European solution to Rydberg-based quantum computers together with Europe-wide benchmarking and standardization of the technology. Also, the team will promote greater use of this technology by enlarged, integrated and secure cloud access.